The Project

Each day that knowledge about our food system grows, so too do our concerns about the safety and equity of such a system. Factory farming, hormone injected meat, genetically modified foods and self-terminating seeds are just a few of the safety and ethical concerns to be vigilant about. Beyond these, there is the environmental price of a system that is heavily reliant on fossil fuels, and the human price of a system that promotes differential access to healthful foods depending on one's income or geographic location. There are also stark differences in the qualities of life of those who produce and those who consume the foods from our supermarkets. As we enter an era of possible wide spread food crises and anxieties, it is more important than ever to try our hands at providing for ourselves.

I believe that the hardest hit areas of the country are and will be low income, urban environments, sometimes referred to as "food deserts". Thus, I am committed to small space, low tech gardening, appropriate for apartment dwellers, those with limited physical capabilities, and those with little extra money...incidentally, I am all three of these.     

I am undertaking a massive farming project from within the confines of my urban apartment. Armed with a tabletop composter, a bevy of pots and containers, some creative use of space, and 996 square feet, my goal is to grow enough produce to feed myself, my boyfriend, and my roommate. As a relatively new gardener, I expect to experience a fair amount of frustration and awe. Let the growin' begin!