Friday, July 9, 2010

Apartment living means putting your genius on hold.

I still don't have my worms. I keep saying, "next paycheck I will get my worms." It's hard to justify a $25 worm purchase when there is gas to be bought and bills to be paid. However, I recently spent $28 dollars on the Sims3 which is clearly unnecessary and shameful in light of my worm-less-ness.

We spent a good few hours recently rearranging the porch to free up optimal container gardening square footage. We were sweaty and covered in some sort of dusty sludge but very proud of the end result.

We patted ourselves on the back and sat down to absorb our accomplishment.
The next day, we came home to find a letter stuck under our door. The apartment management would be pressure washing and painting the outside of the building, including the inside of our patios, and we were required to clear the space completely to avoid any damage to our stuff. Two weeks later, they still aren't finished. Devi at the front office has estimated a finished product by Monday or Tuesday of next week, after which time we can finally get down to business. In the mean time, my plants-- which have been forced inside-- are looking rather sickly, partly because my routine was interrupted by the furniture upset and I forgot to water them for a while, and partly because they haven't been getting the proper amount of sunlight.

In the meantime, I've downloaded an APP for my iPod called "pottedgarden." It's pretty cute and perfect for a novice gardener because it provides a good amount of planting, watering, fertilization, pairing, pest control, and harvesting information about a limited number of fruits and vegetables. It makes information easily accessible if you have an iPod (an obvious problem for those people without). Yeah, there's really an APP for everything.

Seriously, I'm getting my worms very soon...I swear.