Cooperative Cooking:

Two friends and I have started a cooking co-op. One of them has a new baby and a PhD required profession, the other and myself are grad students. Needless to say, we have little time and because quality eating is so important to us, we decided a co-op is a great way to get good food, with little time and money invested. Here I will post pictures of the food we exchange and mention where the ingredients come from. One of the participants grows her own food in raised beds in her backyard and incorporates these ingredients into her meals.

So far on the Menu:

Week 1
Lentil Soup with herb and cheese muffins
Barley, veggie, thing
White Lasagna

Week 2
Spinach Enchiladas
Vegetable soup 
Chana Masala

Week 3
Yogurt and Carrot Salad with home made cheese crackers
Potato and Pepper Quinoa
Thai veggie patties and Basmati rice with carrots